Sayva - a new Beginning

starting out in sayva? no worries, we got you!

Welcome on the Sayva Forum, here you will find all sorts of information about the pack, important link's such as Discord, Curseforge and more.

Short introduction

Sayva is an 1.12.2 adventure based modpack with hardcore elements, undead creatures, dragons, trolls but also deers, goats, bears, birds and other native animals but don't think it's going to be easy, you will most likely die a lot, took some inspiration from packs such as RLCraft and Natures Beauty.

Quests, Passive HP leveling, a new Dimension, Spells & Wizards, 200+ custom set recipes and much more!

Combining 3 Awesome Biome mods together, Biome's o Plenty, Traverse and Project Vibrant Journey creating Beautiful landscapes and TONS of emissive objects, abandoned ruins, MASSIVE Cave systems, New-Reworked Mineshafts, New Enchantments, Potions, Armory, Weapon's, Tool's and much much more to discover!