Simple Storage Network

  • Storage for the Disorganised Idiot
    Simple Storage Network is used to create a network connecting several inventories to network allowing access through all of them either through direct or remote access.


    For the simplest setup of a storage network you need a chest, an Inventory(Chest), Cable, a Storage Network Master, and a Storage Inventory. The Inventory Cable must be directly connected to the Inventory, and can be directly connected to the Storage Network Master or indirectly through the use of Storage Cables. The Storage Inventory can be connected to the Storage Network Master by being placed adjacent to it, or connected through Storage Cables. The items in the Inventory can now be accessed by right clicking the Storage Inventory.


    For Automation three things are required a Crafting Block(Furnace), Processing Cable, and a Controller. The Controller is the central part of the automation process and exactly one is required per network to automate crafting, the Controller can be connected to the network by being adjacent to the Storage Network Controller or connected by a Storage Cable. The Processing Cable needs to be directly connected to the Crafting Block and directly or through storage cables to the network.

    To add a recipe, right click the Processing cable to open up its configuration. You will see two 3x3 Inventories as well as two checkboxes. In the left Inventory you put what you want to be processed in the automation process and in the right Inventory you put what you want to be created. Both must be set to have a valid recipe. The left checkbox is used to simulate from which direction the input would be given from the perspective of the Crafting Block and the right would simulate from which side of the block the output would be taken from, this is required for some machines that can only be accessed from specific sides.

    The given recipe would put 1 Spruce Wood into the Furnace from the North side and produce one Charcoal that is taken out from the Down side. All recipes can be seen in the Controller.

    Important: For every newly created recipe there will be a green checkmark inside the Controller, if this is not changed, the network will craft the recipe so long as the ingredients are available.


    1. Blocks:

    • Storage Network Master: Central Block of the Network exactly 1 required. When right-clicked displays the number of connected Inventories and other blocks
    • Controller: Central Block of Automation Process exactly 1 required for automation. When right-clicked will display all saved recipes
    • Storage Inventory: Basic Access to the Network
    • Storage Request Table: Replaces the Storage Inventory and adds a crafting Grid that is able to use all items currently inside the network

    2. Cables:

    • Storage Cable: Cable to connect all components of the Network
    • Inventory Cable: Basic Cable to connect an inventory to the Network
    • Storage Link Cable: Advanced Cable to connect an inventory to the Network, allows for configuration
    • Export Cable: Export items out of the Network into adjacent inventories, only exports items configured in the cable
    • Import Cable: Import items from adjacent inventories into the Network

    3. Upgrades:

    • Speed Upgrade: Speed up Export/Import Cables
    • Stack Upgrade: Allow Export/Import Cables to pump more items at once
    • Operation Upgrade: Monitor an inventory and control the Export/Import Cable accordingly
    • Stock Upgrade: Only for Export cables. Exports items until a certain quantity is reached in the adjacent inventory

    4. Other:

    • Network Picker: Needs to be bound to a Network by right-clicking on the Storage Network Master. Right-clicking on a block will put the same block out of the Network if available

    5. Remotes: Remotes are used to access your Network from a distance, certain Remotes have certain limitations. A remote has to be linked to your Network before using by right-clicking it on the Storage Network Master

    RemoteBlock DistanceDimensionsCrafting
    Storage Remote64Only same dimensionNo
    Simple Storage RemoteUnlimitedOnly same dimensionNo
    Upgraded Storage RemoteUnlimitedOnly same dimensionYes
    Advanced Storage RemoteUnlimitedCross-DimensionalYes