Copying Enchants

  • A useful tool for late game armor building
    Bibliocraft adds 2 very useful blocks for late game enchanting.

    The typesetting table & printing press.

    For these you'll need to craft/have:

    A Typesetting Table
    A Printing Press
    Print Press Chases
    Ink Sacks
    Reading Glasses or Reading Enchant (optional)
    Possibly 40+ levels (for expensive enchants)

    Chases should be placed on the top most box of the Typesetting table.
    Ink sacks should be placed right where the black dot of the Printing Press is.
    The reading enchant / reading glasses help you to see the levels needed to copy an enchant.

    1. Place a enchanted book you wish to copy down on the left side of the typesetting table
    2. Shift right click the book (If you have the correct amount of levels it will be turned into an enchanted plate)
    3. Place the enchanted plate on the plating of the printing press (right below where the ink sacks had been placed)
    4. Place books on the left side of the printing press
    5. Pick up the book on the right, and the enchanted plate too if you're done copying

    (If you don't pick up the plate it will make about 3 books 1 by 1 before the plate disappears)