Exotic Birds: Phoenix

  • How to get yourself a fiery bird mount (Or the other forms you may hatch it into)
    Phoenixes are from the mod Exotic Birds and do not naturally spawn in the wild. You may find Phoenix Dust as loot in Dungeons and Towers. Right clicking a phoenix with a saddle will put a saddle on it, after which you can ride it.

    To get a phoenix you'll need to hatch a phoenix egg. To do this you'll need to surround an egg with Phoenix Dust in a crafting table to get a phoenix egg.

    Once you have this phoenix egg you'll need to place it in an area with a light level of at least 9. You'll know you're at a high enough light level if the egg gives off flame particles.

    There are 8 different types of phoenixes that all require to be hatched for 2 Minecraft Days (40 Real Life minutes) in a loaded chunk. [Breaking the Egg resets the timer]

    Black Phoenix:

    • Hatch the egg during a full moon
    • Takes damage from water

    Cloud Phoenix:

    • Hatch the egg above the clouds. (Over y 128)
    • Immune to water damage

    Desert Phoenix:

    • Hatch the egg in a desert biome
    • Takes damage from water

    Ender Phoenix:

    • Hatch the egg in the End
    • Takes damage in water and will teleport when it comes in contact with it

    Nether Phoenix:

    • Hatch the egg in the Nether
    • Immune to Fire Damage

    Snow Phoenix:

    • Hatch the egg in a snowy biome
    • It takes damage in warm biomes (Jungle, Deserts, etc)

    Water Phoenix:

    • Hatch the egg in an ocean biome
    • Immune to water damage

    Regular Phoenix:

    • Will hatch if none of the other phoenix requirements are met
    • Takes damage from water