Starting Out

  • Crucial information about starting the game and some early game FAQs answered
    Welcome to Sayva

    Welcome to Sayva. Your first few nights here will be brutal but you will be able to adapt. Here are somethings you must know to progress.

    Pressing the [Period] button opens up the Quests UI that is absolutely crucial on gathering information, progressing, and gathering xp.

    There are 2 Skill Trees; Reskillable & Level Up Reloaded

    -Pressing [Y] opens up the Reskillable tree which helps you unlock and be able to use later tools, weapons, and blocks.

    -Pressing [B] gives you the Level Up Reloaded skill tree which allows you to get small perks that can impact your game with higher levels.

    You start with 12 HP and there are 2 ways to change this. Heart Containers, and HP Up.

    Stone tools are uncraftable but can be gotten through loot.

    You can make Crude Picks, Hatchets and Shovels which require flint

    Gravel and Flint can craft into each other.

    You gather grass fibers better with a dagger.

    Grass fibers turn into string which turns into wool.

    Trees cut with an axe will drop the whole tree, rather than just 1 block unless broken whilst crouching.

    Logs turn into a chopping block. Place one log onto the chopping block and left click with an open hand or an axe to get planks.

    Axes are better at getting planks from wood. (Better Axes = Better Drops)

    Later on you can make a sawmill and/or a saw

    Drink water by shift right clicking a water source block.

    Heal by sleeping, healing potions, healing spells or the healing items dropped by killing mobs.

    If it has a skill requirement of 69420, it's a disabled item.

    If an item becomes a yellow lock upon putting it in your inventory- it is disabled.

    If you want to avoid the thirsty effect when drinking water there are 4 ways to do so:

    -Smelt the water bottle/water bucket

    -Stone of the Sea

    -Gathering water from a rain collector

    -Purifying water collected from a canteen with a charcoal filter

    (To Craft a Charcoal Filter: Paper on top, Charcoal in the middle, Paper below in a crafting bench)

    Stay warm with: A heater, lava, a furnace that's on, a lit campfire, wool armor, heating enchant, or a 'hot biome' (desert, etc)

    Stay cold with: A chiller, standing in water, being underground, cooling enchant, or a 'cold biome' (glacier, etc)

    A thermostat is your best friend in telling what the temperature is for where you are.

    Nether Portals cannot be lit, you'll have to dig down to get to the Nether
    There is another world below the Nether.
    Please regularly check the JEI. Many things have crafting recipes or changed recipes.

    Our Soul Shard Structure Is Different! Click Here
    A video tutorial by Sen about Soul Shards: Click Here
    Forged Cincinnasite, Crystalized Obsidian, & a Sea Lantern then right click the center with a Grand Magic Crystal

    If you are having trouble seeing your screen because you are thirsty, hungry, hot, or cold. This is done by Enhanced Visuals. You're free to remove it- it's a client side mod and is not needed. You can also just edit it in Mod Options, but that requires a restart.

    The mod behind the time & fps counter you may see on the top right is accessed via Ctrl + U (if you haven't changed the hotkey)