Baubles & Reforging

  • You may know the basics about Baubles but let me teach you more!
    Baubles serve as an accessory system in Sayva.

    When entering your inventory you will see a ring shaped icon at the top right of your player display.
    (The armor symbol at the bottom right is Cosmetic Armor)

    In this bauble section you will see:
    1 Amulet Spot, 1 Head Spot
    1 Body Spot, 2 Ring Spots
    1 Belt & 1 Charm Spot
    The spot beside the belt spot is your offhand/shield item

    At the bottom of certain baubles you will see in yellow what slot they can be accessed in.
    (For instance a Tool Belt is only in the belt slot)

    When equipping these baubles you may see Quality: followed by some buffs or debuffs.
    This also shows up on your Tools, Weapons, & Armor
    This can be changed with a Reforging Station

    Be warned there are 2 types of Reforging Stations and while your Armor, Tools and Weapons can only have 1 quality, Baubles can have 2.

    The Reforge Station made by Bountiful Baubles is craftable with 1 Anvil, 1 Crafting Table, and 1 Bucket of Lava and uses your XP to change the Quality of only baubles.

    The Reforge Station made by Quality Tools is a tiny bit harder. It requires 2 Obsidian, 1 Crafting Table, 1 Anvil and 2 Stone Slabs and requires a material used in the crafting of the item to change it's quality. (For instance a Diamond Pick is reforged with diamonds)
    It is worth noting that a Nether Star works in changing just about any item's quality.

    In these reforge systems a Pink or Gold Name means it is a higher rarity and a better quality than the others. Whilst a Gray Name is a very Common Rarity.